We have to stick together. Keep the people we trust close by.

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You know this arrow, it never misses its mark

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Richard Castle in 6x20

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Skye + Acting

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She was a cellist. Second chair, Portland symphony. Saw her play whenever I was in town. Ever see a beautiful woman play the cello? It’s something else. She laughed at my jokes, too, which was a very nice bonus.
- You know where she is now?
Of course I do.

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Can we talk about how Cap and Bucky have opposite masks?

Cap has mouth and eyes exposed, forehead covered. Bucky has mouth covered and eyes painted black, his forehead exposed.

What a lovely symmetry.

But the symbolism too. Cap’s is a helmet, protection, to keep him safe from physical harm. Bucky’s is a muzzle to keep him silent and anonymous and on a leash.

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Kicking ass and taking names ’70s style.

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